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PowerUp is a B2B Engagement & Knowledge Sharing platform designed to enable valuable collaboration across teams and enterprises. We are helping to improve collaboration across organizations and empower the expertise of members by providing them with a trusted environment and personalized learning packages based on AI technology. By providing content from customized sources, the system was designed to enhance the knowledge of the organization. While controlling the sources, the level of content can be maintained and will always add value to the professional discourse within the organization. Through the system, people can keep up with organization and know what is going on all year long, not just at events. PowerUp was established in 2018 and has partnered with some of the world’s largest enterprises - Allianz, IBM, Siemens, Atos, Metafinanz etc. PowerUp’s goal is to make it easier for groups to collaborate on a daily basis, and to enhance the knowledge in the organization.

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