Main Features

Manager Platform

The manager platform contains information on what is happening within the group and what members are doing. Our dashboard enables the manager to be involved in the group’s activities and lead it in a professional direction. The manager dashboard allows managers to ignite engagement and collaboration, manage content, tasks, and updates, as well as identifying the prominent and influential members within the group

Customized Content Feed

Up to date content feed that contains all the relevant content that was produced by the group members, including: posts, events, polls, data center files. In addition, the feed contains constantly updated content that has been suggested by the platform and customized by the group manager. Supporting web & mobile app view,
the content provided can help enrich the group members knowledge, and allow the group members to consume all the relevant content in one centralized place

Group Unique User Profiles And Directory

On the PowerUP platform, each group member has a personal profile that instantly sets him or her apart from the other members. Each new group member will answer a number of questions defined by the manager and as a result, his personal details will be presented in his personal profile in a narrative and pleasant way, which encourages dialogue and connection between group members

Reward Mechanism

In order to increase the interest and involvement within the group, members will be able to distribute points to each other in the platform for helping each other in real life. The points can be redeemed for actual rewards that will be determined by the group manager and the organization

Knowledge Hub And Data Center

PowerUp provides a repository knowledge hub that assists the manager to easily find relevant content in order to extract the right content for the specific group members. The repository is easily searched and filtered by using keywords ang tags. Our unique solution allows any member to direct content and files to specific members

Polls & Events

We allow any group member to generate polls and pin events to the calendar that occur inside or outside of the platform. This way, the group members will stay constantly updated, And will be able to contribute to the group atmosphere and the connection of the group members to the organizational work

Secure instant messaging and video conferencing

Our platform provides a quick and easy solution to keeping communications active even when meeting in person isn’t possible. Use our chat messaging tool to stay in touch with your fellow members, and our conference meeting tool when needed

Frequently asked Q&A

PowerUp Creates a professional dialogue using content provided by the platform and content that group members choose to share, establishing a constant dialogue about the organizational activity and enriching group members knowledge on a daily basis, while motivating employees to stand out and stay updated in their field. The platform allows group members to interact with each other in organizational subgroups, and allows managers to manage & preserve organizational knowledge, and receive feedback from employees on any topic, in real time. Our platform allows you to create a strong Employer Brand and establish company pride among the employees

A system that allows managers to direct group activity and view group data analysis. Each manager has the capability to control the system’s content, get insights (statistics on members and group activity) and see members engagement on a dedicated manager dashboard that enables focusing on talent and empowering members

Managers get a dedicated interface work environment platform for group management, adding external information sources and controlling group activity (adding/removing members, file management, sending individual/group notifications, creating Individual and group challenges and establishing a unique onboarding process). The manager is effortlessly exposed to professional knowledge on a regular basis, sees insights about sources and posts and can view a relationship Map of the group members. In addition managers can share with the employees insights about the decisions and organizational challenges creating a strong Employer Brand

The content in the feed is professional and designed to enrich knowledge targeted to each group’s field of interest. The machine learning algorithm provides the most relevant content for each community and member, and allows to create new content consistently.

Examples of feed content:

  • Posts
  • External articles
  • Events
  • Profiles of group members
  • Podcasts
  • Polls
  • Files
  • Challenges / Tasks

The profile includes relevant content about each member, provided by the member according to onboarding process created by the group manager. It is presented to all group members in order to encourage dialogue and interactivity

A Reward system encourages sharing and dialogue between group members, measure teamwork and interactivity. Through pre-defined rewards by the group manager and the organization, we allow members to reward each other with points for their achievements. Once a member reaches a certain number of points (by the group rules), he can convert it into a reward

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